Intuition Upgrade
Intuition Upgrade
Alora :)

Welcome to Intuition Upgrade

An easy circle for spiritual women who are conscious creators to be, evolve, and laugh.

The YouTube Link Above...

If you don't know about me, the YouTube link is a great place to start. The first half is my craaaaaaaazy (not crazy, it's normal when you're spiritual!) journey into spiritual stuff and the second half is me channeling Halae.

Since Halae leads this group with weekly channelings and discussion, it's great to know Halae and see if you resonate with them and their work.

A Non-Facebook Community For Consciously Creating Spiritual Women

I wanted a non-Facebook group that was zero-pressure and all come-as-you-are into this spiritual circle where you can have months where you process and share a lot, weeks where you just listen to recordings, some where you ask or receive.... we are not beings who just do the same thing week after week, we have themes and cycles and timing and more.

Seriously, zero pressure. That's my favorite part.

Also, not-Facebook, so you get to focus on why you are there.


Learning how to be intuitive - clearly.
Relationship transformation.
Manifestation training.

A supportive circle of women. Truly.

What Happens

Each Sunday at 2:00pm Mountain Time there is a channeled Broadcast. You can submit questions. The replays are available in the membership. 

We have Q&A time together on Zoom with Halae to laugh and share and be in community in our pajamas if we want to while asking questions and getting guidance and amazing energy. The replays are available in the membership.

Current Times we meet for Q&A:
(not every week, but multiple times a month in total)
Tuesdays 6:00pm Mountain Time
Saturdays 9:00am Mountain Time

Members also get a deep discount on 1-1 sessions if you want a private session with me or a channeled session.

Alora & Halae

P.S. You get whatever price you join the membership for as long as you are a member. If the price goes up for new members you still keep your original price. ✔️

P.P.S. The price is low so there is zero pressure for all of us. I have three kids and sometimes my schedule might change. Let's all be human, too.